What Is DIY Dentistry? | Snohomish Dentist

If you ask someone about what they think about going to the dentist, chances are you won’t hear a positive response. And while today’s technology can give a patient a quick and virtually pain-free experience, there are still many that believe in the stigma that going to the dentist is a terrible experience that should be avoided at all costs. With this comes the do-it-yourself mentality. Unfortunately, doing your own dental work is not going to be a great idea – ever. Here are a few of the more common DIY dental treatments you ought to avoid:

Fillings. This may sound absurd, but some think using wax or other household items can be used to fill in a cavity. Problem is, only a dentist can pinpoint where a cavity is so this will not fix the issue but may make it worse.

Whitening. Now, there are plenty of over-the-counter remedies and natural options you can turn to in order to whiten your smile, but these are generally best used in between dental treatments. Over-use can also cause your teeth to lose enamel, which is the part of your teeth that makes them look white.

Veneers/braces. Major dental procedures will never be a one-size-fits-all affair. Veneers and braces are no different. Having a dental professional fit your mouth for veneers or orthodontic appliances will not only look more natural but can also prevent other damage to your mouth. Don’t fall for the commercials!

Extractions. We’ve all seen the string tied to the tooth trick. And it may seem like an easy solution, but it could also cause dental issues in the future so it’s best to leave removing teeth to the professionals.

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