The Future is Here ~ Laser Periodontal Therapy | Snohomish, WA

Laser periodontal therapy is an advanced technique for Dr. Ted Haines DDS of Snohomish, WA to treat periodontal disease and save many teeth that were previously considered hopeless. The term laser periodontal therapy relates to the application of lasers for the treatment of periodontal disease only. Introduction of lasers for the purpose of treating gum disease has been around since the early 1990’s. There have been several types of lasers developed for reversing the effects of periodontal disease. Laser periodontal therapy or LANAP is used to reverse the damage of periodontal disease. Laser energy is used to provide the beneficial effect. A fiber which has a thickness of about three human hairs is placed beneath the gum line. Once below the gum line, a narrow wave-length laser beam will be produced to alter the unhealthy tissue. The power and intensity of the laser beam give the Periolase the ability to provide a positive effect to the tissue surrounding the tooth. The laser energy from the Periolase is known to:

· Kill bacteria. Not only close to the tip but distant to the tip. This means bacteria which cause gum disease are getting killed in hard to reach places.

· Selectively remove diseased tissue and keep healthy tissue intact.

· Modify the calculus or tartar attached to the root so it is easier to remove.

· Alter pathologic or poisonous substances beneath the gum line and on the tooth.

· Create a clot which will seal the gum line and promote an environment which enables the regeneration of tissue.

Properly applied laser energy will allow the body to heal naturally so that the health of the gum improves and the teeth become more stable. The laser is a wonderful tool that will help many patients bring themselves to a more healthy state.

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