Dramatically Change your Smile with Minimally Invasive Veneers – Snohomish, WA

Dr. Ted Haines knows that not all patients need severe changes to their smile therefore, procedures such as minimally invasive veneers can make a huge difference without damaging existing teeth structure.  Minimally invasive veneers are thin ceramic veneers that cover the surface of the tooth they are attached to. Since minimally invasive veneers are applied on the surface of teeth, patients can keep their enamel intact. One main difference between minimally invasive veneers and traditional veneers is that with traditional veneers, anesthetic is required and changes cannot be reversed. Dr. Ted Haines usually recommends using minimally invasive veneers on patients that have mild to moderate tooth discolorations, minor misalignment, or need teeth reshaped. If you are unhappy with your smile, but are not sure which procedure is best for you, Dr. Ted Haines can aid you in choosing which treatment option is right for you. For an aesthetic evaluation call today at (360)568-8577 and Dr.Ted Haines will review which option is better for your smile. Content Received from KnowYourTeeth.com