Do you have chipped, broken or worn down teeth? | Serving Monroe, WA

If you have a chipped or cracked tooth or are experiencing tooth decay, it may be time to visit Dr. Theodore D. Haines and ask about dental restorations such as inlays or onlays. Through dental inlays or onlays, your chipped or worn down teeth will look brighter than ever.

 For a chipped of damaged tooth and dental onlay is placed inside or on points of the tooth. On the other hand, inlays are placed in the center area of the tooth. For those individuals with decaying teeth, inlays and onlays prevent further damage by strengthening the teeth.

 Some patients fear the the inlays or onlays will be visible, however, they resemble the same color of your teeth, making it impossible to tell the difference. Our dentists also use a custom hold for the inlay and onlays, allowing them to fit perfectly in your teeth.

In even the most extreme cases our skilled dentists have been able to transform severely damages teeth into magnificent smiles. For any questions about inlays, onlays, or other dental restorations please call Dr. Haines in Snohomish, WA at (360) 568-8577. Visit his website at

Dr. Theodore D. Haines also proudly serves Snohomish, Monroe, Lake Stevens, Everett, Mill Creek, Woodinville, and surrounding areas.