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Many myths surround the topic of cavities. Today more information is now known about cavities and the real truth has been revealed. Dr. Haines DDS of Snohomish, WA offers the following cavity myth busters. Cavities are caused by having weak or soft enamel:

Acid is produced by bacteria. When the pH in your mouth goes below 5.5 enamel begins to erode. You are not getting cavities due to weak or soft enamel, it’s due to your mouth being too acidic. Dr. Haines offers products that can help change the pH levels in your mouth reducing your risk of cavities.

Filling the cavity cures the disease:

When a cavity has caused significant damage it needs to be drilled and filled. However, filling a tooth does not cure the biofilm infection. The bacteria will still need to be treated with appropriate agents. Only medical treatment can change the bacteria that cause cavities.

Flouride stops decay:

Studies have shown that the use of fluoride does not lower the incidence of tooth decay in adults. Fluoride does help in managing decay; however there are 5 key elements to treating tooth decay. A Caries Risk Assessment and CariScreen test performed by Dr. Haines provides each individual patient with a comprehensive therapy plan needed to lower their risk.

I get cavities from Sugar:

Everybody has a thin layer of bacteria on their teeth called biofilm. This bacteria is affected by the acidic pH levels in your mouth. When the pH level shifts, cavity causing bacteria take over and the good bacteria dies. Tooth decay starts once the cavity causing bacteria is in complete control of the biofilm.

Cavities are not contagious:

We are not born with the bacteria that cause cavities. However, as infants we can be infected by parents and caregivers. This is referred to as “vertical transmission.” Vertical transmission is when milk or food is tested or pacifiers are cleaned in the parents’ mouth, transmitting the caries infection. Have your family tested for the caries infection.

Brushing and Flossing are enough to fight decay:

Brushing and flossing alone will not kill the bacteria that are the true cause of decay. Dental Caries is a biofilm infection. Currently there are 23 identified strains of bacteria in biofilms that produce the acids responsible for the cause of cavities.

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