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We are well into the new year and have begun to make our resolutions for a better, healthier us. But becoming better can truly be a family affair everyone can get into, even the little ones. In fact, February is known as National Children’s Dental Health Month. Let’s take a second to point out some basic dental facts that you may not know about your little one’s smile:

Baby teeth aren’t important. Just because baby teeth eventually fall out and get replaced by adult teeth, this doesn’t mean they should be ignored. In fact, your child’s dental health begins from birth and should be treated just the same as their adult varieties.

Baby teeth don’t get cavities. They may be disposable, but baby teeth are just like the permanent versions. Babies may not be born with the cavity-causing bacteria, mutans streptococcus, but they are still susceptible to cavities.

Kids don’t need a dentist. Wrong. Everyone needs a dental check-up, and children should have their first dental visit as soon as their first birthday.

Every dentist is the same. While all dentists have the same basic training, pediatric dentists have special training needed to care for those tiny smiles.

My child can brush their own teeth. This is the end goal, yes, but little one’s need help with getting used to brushing well on their own. That’s where you come in. Take the time to brush your child’s teeth so they can understand the basics, then let them have their turn. Eventually, they will get the hang of doing a good job at keeping their teeth healthy and bright.

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