Snohomish Cosmetic Dentist | Natural Teeth Whitening with Food

The food that you consume can greatly affect your teeth. For this reason, Dr. Haines recommends the following foods that have natural teeth whitening properties to enhance your smile:

  • Strawberries – Although strawberries are a bright red color, they contain malic acid which removes discoloration on the surface of teeth.
  • Milk and Dairy – Dairy products are high in calcium strengthening teeth and making the enamel healthier and whiter.
  • Carrots – Because carrots stimulate saliva production in the mouth, food particles and plaque are removed creating a whiter smile for you.
  • Seeds and Nuts – These hard foods rub against the teeth to removed plaque and stains off the surface of the teeth, catalyzing the whitening effect of teeth.

Along with teeth whitening procedures, eating habits can also promote a healthier and whiter smile. Call Dr. Haines of Snohomish, WA and schedule an appointment to maintain or enhance your smile.

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